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To be considered your site must be a blog or directly related to blogging, any submissions that are not blogs will be automatically rejected. Before submitting your blog ensure that it already isn't listed in the Super Blog Directory using our search function as our editors are constantly adding quality blogs. Also ensure that your blog meets our submission requirements listed below. Submissions that don't will be rejected.

Use this form to submit your blog to the Super Blog Directory. All submissions are reviewed by a human editor before being accepted/rejected. To be considered for listing, your blog must meet the all of the following requirements:

- Your site must be a blog or a site related to blogging with a history of regular updates. New blogs and blogs with less than 3 consecutive months of current posting history or blogs that are not regularly updated must be submitted as "Featured" to be accepted. If you don't want a "Featured" listing get a few months of posting history before submitting.
- Blogs strictly used for affiliate links or Adsense will not be accepted.
- Blog can be in a non-English language but your site submission must be in English and the blog must have an English version available.
- Adult blogs or blogs with adult oriented content must be submitted to the adult category and should be no more than "R" rated.
- Site should be submitted to the most appropriate category/subcategory. Top level category submissions will only be accepted for "Featured" listings or if no subcategory fits your blog. If you submit your standard submission to a Top Level Category, expect it to be rejected.
- Compose a concise and detailed site description. Submissions with short or keyword stuffed titles or short non-descriptive descriptions will be rejected. We reserve the right to change titles or descriptions to better match our submission policies.
- If your blog seemingly has more advertising than content it will be rejected.
- All Web Directory submissions must have a separate blog top level category.

For those wanting more links back to your site we are now accepting RSS feeds from your blog that will show up to your 5 latest posts on your detail page. To take advantage of these extra links you must choose either the "Featured" or "Reciprocal" listing option (reciprocal page must be cached in Google). Selecting the "Featured" listing option will also put your site into the rotation in our "Random Featured Blogs" section on our home page and put your listing at the very top of the category page for your blog.

Having problems with your reciprocal submission? Please read this before contacting us.


Not sure which submission option is best for you? Check out the differences between them described here.
Featured links - Includes links to 5 latest posts if RSS feed submitted
Want a free featured listing? Here's how.
Regular links free
Regular links with reciprocal - Includes links to 5 latest posts if RSS feed submitted free

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