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Title: The Poetry and Prose of Brandon Hefley -
Description: Brandon Hefley is considered one of the finest young adult poets in the world. From the LA beat school of writing, his primary influences are Kerouac, Bukowski, and the beat writing movement. His work has drawn parallels to William Carlos Williams.
Category: Arts and Humanities: Poetry
Link Owner: Brandon Hefley
Date Added: April 24, 2007 06:52:57 AM
User Rating: Rated as  7.67 out of 10 (6 Votes)
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Shake Hands With a Bum for Your Birthday

It’s the night before my birthday right now and i’m going to be 29. Had a dinner of bbq pulled chicken on a pretzel bun with a side of bleu cheese grits and a homebrew red ale with my friends at Beachwood BBQ on main street in Seal Beach, and Locke paid for mine when I tried to pay. When we went outside I bid my friends [...]

System of a Down

They’re keeping a list. The Nazis kept a list of millions of Jews. Our new president seems to be abiding by the same precedent as our last one… Same coin theory is proven. A terrorist watch list has accumulated over a million names of individuals on suspicion for pre-crime like some Minority Report Sci-Fi nightmare, just ask the ACLU. Not saying they’ll do anything but secretly monitor you, which they already do regardless through vast super [...]


Catalina like an island on a cloud surreal so real it manifests itself it is there but it is not and i am here and i am not i am only passing by on my way to die so real surreal it will be here when no ones here when all is still when humans evolve out of needing a body to exist manifesting ourselves on clouds out of oceans like the rock, as impenetrable and full of life as the earth, surreal so real actions speaking no words no [...]

records of how beautiful we were with ourselves

trying to absorb ever increasing amounts of knowledge and love like photosynthesis of sun rays until the end of my days, when i will leave the leaves behind on shelves; records of how beautiful we were with ourselves.


You could be my forever lover– i could love you forever. Fate has not put us together lover– if we were together i’d love you forever for real– for real love is all i know is all i have to show for, is all i have to give or go on for.

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